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The Company Starnick Was Founded by Hemera Monty the year 2014 and it started out as a blog website, but in Nov. 2014 the website was offically lauched as a social networking platform were users share photos and text with the general public but after a year was pivited into a search engine in late 2015 to early 2016 .

After a while the company had to take a step back and to work on a more better Offical Platform for starnick.. while working on the offical starnick Platform the company lauched some series of products ,

Comtapp a 2 photo combining sharing social utility , Techice a Technology News Website and Mobile App , And Appylise a Platform for creating Categoried mobile apps for Android Devices and a free Sms platform called Starnick sms that allows its users to send sms messages for free to their friends and familly.After a while the company decided to take Some of these products offline to put more focus on the Offical Starnick Platform .

In The year 2017 The Company rolledout Starnick as a Social networking Android App and this time it came with a new plan, the first version of the App Outlined sharing of photos with animated emoji with A Recored voice.. But later the App Was made to put more focus on The Recorded voice aspect ,thereby creating a new method of Social sharing online with friends.. starnick then became a Platform that Allows Users to share whats on their mind using their Voice, Users have the ability to rec their voice and share what they say with their friends and followers on the platform..With Starnick Users can Follow and Connect with New Friends,Create Voice Groups ,Send Voice Shoutouts to your followers and do other cool stuff's..

The Company is working very hard to make this new method of sharing more and more better for its users The C.E.O Hemera Monty Said: "We are putTing more focus on what you have to say because we want to give you a real Voice Online. because what you have to say matters alot".

Hemera Monty
Founder and CEO
Age : 22
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Persoanlly: I Created The Company Starnick because there was so much love in me for technology and how it operates and i saw different technology companies Like Google And Facebook creating amazing and cool stuffs and i said why can't i do that? why can't i join in creating amazing things that will improve how we share,communicate and connect So i said "Lets Do it" And i set-out to accomplish my dream. Creating The Idea for Starnick was not a walk in the park but no idea comes out fully formed it only becomes clearer as you work on them So Here We are .. I Guess i did join in creating Cool and Amazing stuffs .. and that's what am going to keep doing because the best way to predict the future is to create it .. Right?? So Lets Do It. Lets Create it..
Promise Otome
Co-Founder and CPO
Joined the Company In: 2015
Age : 22
listen to on Starnick @ itz_promise otomevwo
Persoanlly: I joined The Building of the Company Starnick because right from when I was very young I have always have had the mindset of doing something positive, something to help improve lives. my passion and love for the ICT world made me always curious about how the internet related product worked,how they were built and managed and the way its improve lives, that really moved me to join the internet company Starnick. I saw Starnick as that platform were I can bring most of my dreams ,my passion, goals, and aspirations to my world.
Friday Abiligo Orhomre
Co-Founder and CFO
Joined the Company In: 2016
Age : 27
listen to Starnick @ itz_friday Orhomre
Persoanlly: I joined the Company Starnick because I've always believed in touching lives through creativity, starnick offers that opportunity